Eatery - Front Porch Pops (CA)

665 N Tustin St, Ste J, Orange, CA 92867
Pricing - $ | Dining - Casual, To-Go | Cuisine - Ice Cream

Is it fair to give this place a review when I haven't been to the actual storefront yet? Yeah, I'll say yes to it myself. I mean, the popsicle was still consumed fair and square from them. It wasn't for a special event! Anywho, I came across Front Porch Pops (homemade popsicles!) at the SoCo Farmers' Market this past weekend by one of their carts and considering the heat that day, it was a definite must.

Can I just say how impressed I was with the flavors? These weren't your regular pops. These were gourmet. These were artisanal. These were too tempting. It was hard to choose a flavor but eventually I decided on the lemon raspberry cheesecake. Duc's choice was easy - he goes for cool names so the Whoa! Watermelon was his pick. My popsicle was oh-so-creamy and the flavors really came through of a cheesecake. I found the raspberry more prominent than the lemon but that was okay. It was still fabulous. The watermelon one pretty much tasted like a frozen watermelon. I'd like to drop by the store itself one day though and see what other tempting flavors await. There were way too many choices of awesome popsicles!

Photography by Duc Duong.