Eatery - Taco Maria (CA)

Taco Maria, Orange, CA  92867
Pricing - $/$$ | Dining - To-Go | Cuisine - Mexican

I first saw Taco Maria at the Farm to Food Truck Challenge III at the SoCo Farmers' Market back in June 2012 and saw the beautiful dish that was plated for that event. I could definitely tell that care was taken for the dish and knew that would be universal across their offerings, so I was excited to give them a try sometime. It wasn't until I recently came back to the SoCo Farmers' Market that I did order some of their fare, and that was a fabulous decision.

The thing that caught Duc's eye was their version of grilled corn (sweet corn with garlic butter, queso cotija, chile allepo, & dried lime - $5). With a healthy heaping of sweet corn that was lightly tossed in butter before being topped with the queso and chile, the bowl was divine in itself. Adding some freshly squeezed lime on top gave a nice citrus burst to the fresh flavors of the bowl. I'm craving it again as I type now. We went home that night and bought some groceries to recreate the dish even.

Our "entree" was the aracherra tacos (grilled marinated beef hanger, charred onions, roasted chiles, & applewood bacon - 2 tacos for $7). The tender juicy beef was a treat already but coupled with the sweetness of roasted chiles and the occasional saltiness from the soft bacon, the tacos in their fresh tortillas were a great snack (we each had one). I need more Taco Maria in my life now.