Quips & Anecdotes - Garden Grove Farmers' Market

So my dear ol' (in)significant other and I have a list of things that we want to do together which is constantly being added onto. One of the activities was to visit a farmers' market and then cook the remaining meals of the day with what we purchased there. Funny how something that is the everyday life activity of some areas now and for years in the past has become a leisurely activity. "Oh hey, let's go to the farmers' market to buy locally!" Anyhow, let's skip the negativity and get onto the fun!

The first place we hit up was the honey stand, mainly because it was the closest. I got to try four different types of honey, all of which had their own subtle differences that made my mind whir with possibilities of desserts/sauces/glazes/etc. We couldn't resist and ended up snagging a 16 oz. jar (overkill much?) of their spring wildflower honey. So simply sweet and light - I wanted to use them on cookies right away!


Next actually was not a food booth but a neat craft booth of miniature flowers which the woman made from clay. They were so beautiful, and she let me take pictures after I asked her if I could. I felt like Duc wanted one more than I did but had no manly way of justifying it so he said it was for me. Hah. I mean, he insisted so I chose a pretty little blue one in a wooden crate-like stand to keep at my desk at work; I bought another one for my mom. They're so neat and definitely a mark of some meticulous skill.

The next two places were snack-oriented for us. I grabbed kettle corn and cheddar kettle corn bags for my younger brother. We tried all the different flavors but alas, nothing beats the original. Then there was the dip & salsa booth. No need to tell me to keep eating because dips & chips are addictive. After trying everything there was, we settled on the smoked cheddar & bacon dip, chipotle black bean dip, and chipotle mayonnaise. I think the black bean was the best of the three; I'll have to try remaking it sometime.


So then we decided it was time to get serious and buy some "real" food (squash, spinach, lettuce, & carrots). Vegetables later, we went to his place to cook. No butchers at this quaint, humbled farmers' market so we resorted to some pork loins in his freezer. We cooked that up with some garlic spice rub I had brought back from Texas and had garlicky spinach & honey-glazed squash on the side, using the spinach, honey, and squash from earlier. Hoorah! Next one to hit up will be the San Francisco farmers' market on Market St!