Quips & Anecdotes - Stone Brewery Tasting Class

I was happily told news of a beer tasting class from Stone Brewery to be held at Total Wine & More on Wednesday of last week, and of course, I went with Duc to check it out after he got off of work. It was a pretty casual atmosphere, and the rep seemed very chill and personable. We got to try a variety of beers from Stone as well as learn some of the history of the brewery. I didn't know the majority of the things that were said because Stone is still pretty new to me; however, I have quite liked their products and want to try out more!

I didn't take any pictures of the evening but I did snag some paraphernalia and keep the list of ones we tried. They were:
  • Stone IPA (the most popular/brewed of their beers)
  • Arrogant Bastard Ale (a bit strong but with delicious hints of lychee; apparently it holds the nation's #1 spot for single bottled beer sales)
  • Oaked Arrogant Bastard Ale (smoother and more caramel-y than the prior; I thought it was more manageable)
  • Ruination IPA (more hoppy than the Stone IPA but I for some reason liked it better)
  • Sublimely Self-Righteous Ale (the first black IPA made ever, apparently; it was a bit of a shock to me because I had never had a black ale before. I mean, who can imagine a really hoppy stout?)
  • 15th Anniversary Escondidian Imperial Black IPA (so much thicker and stronger than the previous; good but I wouldn't be able to finish off my own bottle)
  • Old Guardian Barley Wine 2008 (this was very delicious and almost my favorite of the tasting due to its smooth, caramel finish and general richness)
  • Imperial Russian Stout 2011 (I had had this before and it was just as good as last time. It's a solid stout.)
  • Imperial Russian Stout 2008 (the aged version of the previous, this was definitely richer, smoother, and overall delicious; it was my favorite of the night and I shall have to seek this aged wonder out another time!) 

Great stuff and very informative. I'm looking forward to the new hotel they are looking to build within the next two years. I want to spend some time down by their brewery and restaurant for some limited release tastes. Also, who doesn't want to stay in a beer-friendly hotel? I'm also looking forward to any collaborations in the future; my favorite of their beers is still their Cherry Chocolate Stout despite its limited release. Nothing can match it in awesomeness so far.