Eatery - Mae's Cafe (CA)

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9062 Trask Ave, Garden Grove, CA 92844
Pricing - $ | Dining - Casual | Cuisine - American

You know, it's funny how I've always heard about people coming here late night (it's open 24/7) since high school but have never been. I went once before during National Root Beer Float Day just to find a root beer float late at night at few days ago but didn't have any food. However, after not having that fantastic of dinners on our own, Duc and I dropped by late-ish at night to have some eats. The service was quite nice as always but it was surprisingly busy around 11pm on a Saturday. That's what a diner gets though I suppose.

My entree was the fish and chips with a side of chicken noodle soup. I actually liked the soup because it wasn't overly salted. I could tell that it was made there on site instead of just being bought or kept too long. The broth was warming and the noodles, though a bit fat and oddly shaped, weren't too firm or soft. I can't say such good things about my actually entree unfortunately. The batter was quite salty, and the fish itself was probably frozen fish. The pieces weren't even fillets but seemed more like mushed fish that wasn't cooked thoroughly. When I got to the middle of one of the pieces, it was very hard and not flaky whatsoever but stringy. I believe I only ate one of the three pieces before pushing the plate again. The fries, though, were pretty good; they were simple and filling. For my drink, I couldn't resist getting root beer because it had been so good the previous time I visited and yes, it was great again.

Duc ordered the Mae's melt which had turkey breast, onion, cheddar cheese, and avocado. I wouldn't have thought to include avocado in a hot sandwich to be honest but it worked out pretty well. As with diner food, the melt was quite greasy but fulfilling. The turkey breast was slightly overbearing and dry because of its quantity but hey, props for quantity right? Overall it was what one would expect at a diner for a melt but with its own twist in terms of ingredients.