Quips & Anecdotes - Failed Baking Experiment

I pride myself in saying that I have yet to completely screw up something concerning baking or cooking. However, I recently failed at some cookies I wanted to make. After having Tetris and its music stuck in my head one day, I was determined to make some sort of treat that was Tetris inspired. I came across these excellent pixel cookies made by using a Play-Doh Extruder. It was a  neat concept that I wanted to replicate so I visited two different Target stores to try and find it. Unluckily for me, Target was having a Play-Doh sale that week and so, the Fun Factory was sold out at both. Ever the determined one, I cast off the barrier and decided that I would still make the cookies! My friend was over at the time I decided to start it (about 11pm, which was a bad idea) so she stayed around to help.

One of the first things we did was make the colored dough. I used the same recipe as I do for sugar cookies (like the snickerdoodles without being rolled in cinnamon sugar) and planned out how many "pixels" I would need per color. The mixing of colors ended up being a bit difficult and time consuming considering how small each of the portions were. We didn't make enough dough overall I guess.

What took the longest time was actually stacking up the "pixels" in the proper place without having all the dough melt on us. I had to shape them as well as I could and as block-ish to ensure that the shape would turn out well. However, the bottom layers kept collapsing under the weight, and we had to continuously stick the whole block into the freezer to keep shape. In the end, it looked like an utter mess.

I baked it according to the sugar cookie recipe but because it had all been layered/stacked terribly, the result was far from perfect. However, it has led me to learn that I ought to use another studier cookie recipe and that I need an extruder for perfectly pixelated cookies. Who wants to sponsor me (semi-joking)?! The Tetris image was supposed to be one of my least favorite situations where everything is primed for a line block but you get an L-block instead. I even got all the colors right!