Quips & Anecdotes - Thank You for Golden Foodie Nomination

I got a message yesterday from Jun of Sushi Noguchi, our favorite sushi place, saying congratulations. Congratulations for what, I thought? Then I realized that the latest Golden Foodie Awards email had just come out. Because of everyone's fantastic support, I was nominated for the "Best OC Food Writer" award! Other nominees include Anita Lau and Cathy Thomas. I am so thankful for all of your votes, and we won't know who the winner is until the actual awards ceremony on September 29th. I'm just grateful for making it onto the nominee list, especially among the caliber of the other nominees. We're going to have a blast there!

Thank you for everyone who voted during the nomination period. We were so happy to see a lot of our favorite restaurants on the nominees list as well including Sushi Noguchi. The event was great last year with plenty of fun and familiar faces but after a year of more exploration among the OC foodies, we are sure to have a lot more of people to cheer with.

So I suppose the next step is to wait until the 29th to see the results. In the meanwhile, let's celebrate while we can. Much Ado About Fooding has nearly 1,000 fans on Facebook now too! The good news keeps rolling in. Be on the lookout for an announcement on the fan page - once we hit 1,000 fans, we'll host a celebratory event that we'd love our supporters to come out to. Thank you once again for enjoying our work, writing, and photography. We'll keep doing what we love doing and hoping that we're able to help everyone out. Don't hesitate to get in touch if you want us to explore something for you and "report back"!

For a full list of the nominees for 2013, please visit http://www.goldenfoodieawards.com/page/2013-nominees.