Eatery - El Patio Restaurant (CA)

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1635 Alum Rock Ave, San Jose, CA 95116
Pricing - $/$$ | Dining - Casual, To-Go | Cuisine - Italian, American (New)

I'll very truthfully admit that when I travel, I mainly travel to eat. I always look up what restaurants and dishes are the most famous in an area where I go. Where do they have the best this and where can I get the best that? Of course, I can never indulge myself too much with just that type of food. There have to be good standalone classics too. I found El Patio online and notes about how they have fantastic pastas ans burgers. Intrigued, we decided we'd go for our trip to the area. From the outside, it looks like a converted garage with probably no more than 10 seats inside. Quaint! I liked the homey-ness and the feel of their outdoor patio for about another 6-8 people; it was both laidback and friendly. The place itself is a little easy to miss but don't or you will be sorry!


We had just had some food a few hours prior to going here, so we ended up splitting one order of the Patio's Burger ($10.50 - bacon, mushrooms, Cheddar with crisscut fries). I always order the namesakes of restaurants AND this was the burger that got rave reviews online. In fact, some even claimed it was the best burger in the area. We wanted to put it to the test, and it sure did put up a fight. Additionally, there must have been crack in the fries because we couldn't quite pinpoint what is in the seasoning but we both knew that they were so, so tasty. The burger could be had any way we wanted so we got medium rare. I'll admit that it got a little messy but other than that, was fantastic. The meat was cooked just right and all of the vegetables were fresh and crisp. The burger was good with the pepper next to it on the plate and just overall, very savory and hit the right spots. I'll have to come back for the pasta for sure.

Photography by Duc Duong.