Quips & Anecdotes - Beer Month Collaboration

Remember how last year, I kept posting silly 1st of the month updates for you with what types of food things were being celebrated for the month? Well I thought it'd be strange to keep doing that year after year (wouldn't all the posts be the same?) BUT I have to make an exception for April. "Why's that?" you ask. Well my food-loving nommers, it's because the fun Sophia over at NY Foodgasm decided that BEER IS IMPORTANT. I am inclined to agree. SO! April is Beer Month, and there are several bloggers participating in this.

What's the dealio? Well, we'll be posting up beer-related blog posts on some designated days (check on April 12th for my contribution!) and be cuddling up to beers all month long. Oh wait - I'm not sure how that's different from most months...ANYWAY, if you've got a favorite beer or brewery to lob my way to give a shot, give me a holler. Posts such as recipes using beer, breweries & brews of choice, and whatever else tickles each #beermonthblogger 's fancy will be up for all of April. For now, cheers and raise a pint to Beer Month with some good eats and drinks!

Participating Beer Month Bloggers:
Make sure you give them some blog lovin' and check back for my post on the 12th!



  1. Wooooo Hoooo! Soooo glad you are a part of this!

  2. Beer month!!! AWESOME!!!
    I can contribute with posts in Spanish and drinking the beer of course =)

  3. I agree, beer IS important! Looking forward to blogging along with you this month!