Event - Blackmarket Bakery Pre-Opening

It's a beautiful morning to grab some delicious scones, Kéan coffee, and a pressed sandwich to-go, isn't it? Luckily for you, Blackmarket Bakery opened its second location just yesterday. This one is nestled in the warm foodie embrace of The Camp in Costa Mesa, and what a space they have! The floor to ceiling windows on the facade of the building allow curious passerbys to peer at the baking process and see the wonderful desserts moving from flour and butter to tasty delights. Duc and I dropped by this past Sunday during their private pre-opening to see how the space had changed since the last time we were there for a preview. What a difference a few days make!


I have to give it to them - they know what they're doing. Their signature little mobile sits at the entrance for customers to look at and grab a menu from. Nifty new business cards also sit inside one of their baskets. In the corner is a dining areas with just a few tables (four in all I believe), allowing for some cozy get-togethers. The walls are adorably adorned with hand-painted still lifes of the bakery's goods itself (lovingly crafted by the owner's mother).


Before you even get to the counter, you find yourself staring at tables laden with local artisan goodies (let's be honest - mostly chocolates, coffees, and spreads) as well as Blackmarket Bakery exclusives and packaged baked goods. Check out the retro metal lunchboxes! Pick some of these up if you're looking to get going soon or stick around for some fresh food.


Plates of freshly baked cookies, muffins, scones, bars, and the like cover the front counter in tantalizing displays. When you know that Chef Rachel Klemek has created these goodies with whole, quality ingredients, you are easily tempted to have some. We got to sample their peanut butter blondies and oh my. I think I lost Duc for a moment there (he has a crazy obsession with peanut butter). This 1800 square foot space is not kidding around when it comes to sating your sweet tooth. I love how their philosophy surrounds what they call a "retro-tisanl" outlook of paying homage to feel-good sweets for the soul and emotions but also focusing on what I'll call the "good stuff" for ingredients. The space also gives a sense of that with a modern design incorporation to a local bakery look. Fun fact: the majority of the decor was done by Chef Rachel and her husband themselves including the counter, embellishments to the wall, and the metal dividers!

But what else makes this a fun bakery to come to? The people. They do truly love what they're doing and if you can't see that through the looking glass of the front windows, take a step inside to meet them. They'll all say hi! If you've been a fan of the Irvine location, the Costa Mesa spot will give you something you haven't seen yet - fresh retro breads, rolls, and pressed sandwiches. If you haven't heard of them, you need to drop by because their focus on quality ingredients (butter, eggs, flour, and sugar: blackmarket goods during WWII) as the base of their goods shines through in every finished product. Find them at 2937 Bristol Street, Suite D-100A, Costa Mesa 92626.

Photography by Duc Duong. More photos available on Facebook.