Bouldin Creek Cafe Boasts Art and Vegetarian Friendliness

Wholesome vegetarian food coming atcha by way of Bouldin Creek Cafe and their artsy ways. Had it not been freezing the morning that I came here with my friend, I would have likely taken more exterior shots to fully showcase all of the walls of the restaurant so creatively covered in art but alas, the chill was too unbearable. I retreated into this fully vegetarian hot spot with curiosity and excitement as I always enjoy vegetarian/vegan menus even if I am not fully following the lifestyle.

The intrigue of the art on the walls outside is carried into the inner walls as well. Everything imaginable aside from the furniture is covered with creative works including a full room with hung artwork by local artists. These were for sale too should one catch your eye. There was also a shelf full of books that touted a "Take One, Leave One" policy for the avid reader. I found the multicolored amalgam of art styles, media, and more to actually give Bouldin Creek Cafe quite the charm rather than looking like an abandoned junkyard sale. Everything just worked well together and had I wanted to meet some interesting folks, I'm pretty sure I could have talked to anyone there and heard some fantastic stories. Instead, I sat down with a thick mug of the Tokyo Fog ($3.75 - green chai, steamed milk, splash of vanilla) and people-watched a bit as more and more came in for their breakfast fill.

We'll have to return here one day for more perspective on the menu as I only had my one entree and my friend his. My tasty plate was their Tamale Breakfast ($8.75 - two organic, pasture raised eggs or tofu scramble, two sweet potato & pecan tamales, house-made salsa, warm tortillas & choice of red & black organic beans or refried organic black beans) of which choices I made were the eggs scrambled and red & black organic beans. The stars here were definitely the tamales themselves because their make-up led to a sweet masa that played off of fall spiced flavors; I really enjoyed the nuttiness from the pecans as well. I was also surprised by just how tasty the eggs were on their own, scrambled to a perfect consistency and complementing the beans very well. My friend who has visited several times before settled on the Breakfast Tacos (range $2.50-$3.75) and claimed they were also solid choices here.

If you're curious about visiting, Bouldin Creek Cafe is located at 1900 S 1st Street, Austin, TX 78704. I think the best part of the restaurant is that despite a vegetarian menu, it still consists of many hearty, savory dishes that can stand against the best of the meaty breakfasts/lunches. Plus, all the neat art doesn't hurt either!

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