Yogurtland Encourages You to "Game On" this Summer from July 1 to September 8

Have you indulged yourself into the frozen yogurt trend yet? If not, you might want to if you are a Nintendo fan. Yogurtland has powered up with Nintendo to present some character flavors that might tempt your tastebuds. We've tried a few that have been releasing the past few weeks, and they certainly have their appeal.

Whether it's Mario's Chocolate Gelato, Luigi’s White Chocolate Pistachio, or Toad’s Rocky Road that bring your tastebuds into the Nintendo adventuring universe, you can be excited about several aspects of this promotion. For one, there is an ongoing sweepstakes that refreshes every week that can win you a grand prize of a Wii U system and one free year of Yogurtland desserts!

If you don't manage to win, you could still snag the perk of a Nintendo-themed spoon with every purchase whether you get Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Bowser, or Princess Peach. From July 1st to September 8th, you can indulge in the flavors released on special dates and collect all of the limited edition spoons. Additional examples of flavors include Gooba's Iced Coffee, Yoshi's Honeydew, and Donkey Kong's Banana Cream. Check them all out at www.yogurt-land.com during this 10-week promotion.

Images courtesy of Yogurtland.