The Holiday Dessert Diversion: An Open House Trifecta

'Twas Sunday before Thanksgiving when all through The Hood,
They laid out cookies and chocolates and cute mini pies.
There were holiday decorations - a feast for the eyes.

Duc Duong Photography canvases adorned the room's walls.
We set out steel tables to be vendor stalls.
Each tabletop was graced with each brand's designs.
Each sample sat quietly on the counter in lines.

Guests were coming by invite from Much Ado About Fooding.
We encouraged their presence for holiday dessert looting.
It was a trifecta open house for sweet tooths everywhere,
With plenty of samples and pre-orders to share.

When guests came to District Cookie, pink cupped bites awaited.
After each careful chew, we could see they were elated.
Using high quality non-GMO ingredients in all,
Cookie Master Rula proved to be thoughtful in a treat so small.

Brown Butter Chocolate Sea Salt was the fave
(though I think Double Ginger Chocolate should be all the rave!).
Individually wrapped full-size cookies at the table,
District Cookie sold all the flavors that day they were able.

The bright-eyed guests were faced with chocolates too on that sweet day.
Valenza Chocolatier had out two bonbons to play.
The Clove was all ready for holiday cheer,
While the Limoncello continued to delight with a zesty taste so dear.

The jewels that they were, they were gone in quick snatches.
Luckily Amy Jo had more than enough batches.
Her table displayed several of her signature chocolate amore.
I think there was fewer inside than were bought and out the door!

The fastest selling bite, however, was definitely pecan pie.
Brown Bear Eats managed to capture everyone's tongue coming by.
Slices of the mini treat were out to be tasted
As were brownies, and neither of them were wasted.

What piqued everyone's interest was that they were gluten-free!
They were perfect sweet gifts for those with the allergy.
Hourik and Sabrina greeted all with a smile,
And everything was sold out after not a long while!

Families came, good friends, boys, and girls
To partake in desserts, to indulge in the pearls.
We collected canned goods too for the local food bank.
Donations also dropped into our milk tank.

It was obvious everyone had a great time,
Chatting and tasting (and reading this rhyme).
We thank all the hard work of each lovely lady
Who put on this event and brought samples so weighty.

Cheers to a successful holiday open house!
We must prepare again soon for another dessert douse =]

Photography by Duc Duong. More photos available on Facebook here.



  1. Ohhhh myyyyyy G! Talk about sweet treats and sugar rush, what a great day that must have been. I'm my chocolates!