Eatery - Sushi Mart (Vancouver)

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1668 Robson Street, Vancouver, BC V6G 1C7 (Neighborhood: West End)
Pricing - $/$$ | Dining - Casual | Cuisine - Sushi

Sushi Mart was one of the restaurants my friend was jumping at the bit to try out because of its high ratings online. We saw it the first night we were wandering up and down Robson - it was a small place with little seating but had a simple atmosphere that was inviting to those of us who like that lowkey feel. The ordering is set up just like a mart where you go up to place your order and can go down the line to watch the chefs whip up your meal or sit down and wait for it to be brought out piece by piece.


Free miso soup and hot green tea at the table? My body is listening. Haha, they were both actually quite good and warmed us all up after being out on such a chilly night. My friends had ordered their own assortment which are the first two food pictures I posted.


As for myself, being still a little full from the izakaya outing we had had just five minutes before coming here, I only opted for three items - the hamachi at market price, unagi roll, and a single inari. The hamachi was thickly sliced and just beautiful in sheen and cut. I found the texture firmer than I had imagined it would be but it was not an unpleasant surprise. Since it was so thick already, I definitely had to give pause between slabs for some ginger and perhaps a bit of my roll. Nevertheless, a gorgeous cut of fish. The roll had a bit more filler than I would have liked - I didn't taste the unagi as much as hoped. Still good little morsels to have between my sashimi. As for the inari, I always like inari. Sushi Mart really made theirs fat as a penguin. It was stuffed full of vinegary rice in a sweet shell that it made me pretty much go unghhaahngh in happiness. Neat little place!

Photography by Minerva Thai.