Eatery - Fishmonger's Restaurant and Oyster Bar (NC)

Fishmonger's Restaurant and Oyster Bar - 806 W. Main Street, Durham, NC 27701
Pricing - $/$$ | Dining - Casual | Cuisine - Seafood | Reservations - Unnecessary

Yesterday was the last day of Kevin's visits so we decided to go eat somewhere in Durham since we had just been eating on-campus or picking at the things I made. Since we woke up late and were going to have our lunch around 3:30 in the afternoon, Fishmonger's was one of the few choices available with a lunch menu at that time and at a location we could access through the Bull City Connector. I have always seen the place but had not stopped by. We walked in to an empty restaurant but I didn't think negatively of it because it was nearly 4pm when we got there. I had looked at the menu earlier to see what they offered and had been curious about their stingray.

However, I opted to go with the fish and chips because my friend was getting the stingray. I had nicely battered and fried pieces of cod that were flaky and rich in taste. I put a little bit of malt vinegar on them but it wasn't necessary. There was some good flavor in the frying and the batter itself already. The fries themselves were okay and the coleslaw was a tad sub-par. Nevertheless, the fish made up for those since it was the main part of the meal.

Kevin got the shrimp po-boy and though it was decent, I have definitely had better po-boys elsewhere (I got to try some of it). I'll blame it on the fact that it wasn't a Cajun or Creole themed place in part but I do have to say that the shrimp was fried nowhere nearly as well as my fish. Also, I've had better shrimp before too.

As for the "Philly Ray Cheesesteak" that my friend got that was hard to distinguished as stingray due to its being smothered in cheese. However, I also got a little bite of it and think that stingray is very similar to swordfish. Who would've thought? I assumed it would be more of a squid-like consistency. Oh well. I'll mark it off as another "exotic" meat that I have tried now. Overall, Fishmonger's was a decent place but it probably wouldn't be my first choice.



  1. ewww that poboy looks so lame! 5 wimpy shrimp hahahahah.

  2. I didn't taste the rest of it but yeah, the shrimp wasn't pleasant. I miss me some NOLA poboys!