Quips & Anecdotes - Bojangles w/David Choi & Sam Juhn

Uh I don't like fanboys or fangirls nor do I like people who make such a big deal about being around "celebrities," but being out with David Choi and Sam Juhn tonight made me realize something about food (which is why I'm posting this). After David's performance, they were excited about going to Bojangles as it was their first times in North Carolina, and they had heard of Bojangles. I know that when I go anywhere new, I get quite hyped up on the prospect of going to places that are only available in the region. It was interesting that the place of choice would be a fast food chain but then I realized that I'm always psyched to take visitors of California to  In-N-Out. Bojangles is also the prime spot for getting a diabetic dose of sweet tea which the restaurant labels as "Legendary." I'll say! I also realized with my late night meal that it had been a while since I submitted myself to the greasy, salty heart-attack-inducing goodness of southern fried chicken. I think I'm going to miss the South and its food that always makes me feel guilty for eating. Cheers to Bojangles for inciting others and for reminding people in the area that chicken is FANTASTIC when fried.

(Sam's in the white in the first picture and David's in the brown on the left.)