Eatery - Han's Homemade Ice Cream (CA)

Han's Homemade Ice Cream - 3640 S Bristol St, Santa Ana, CA 92704
Pricing - $ |  Dining - Casual, To-Go | Cuisine - Desserts 

After getting nearly-completely-full off of sushi, my friends and I drove across the street to get some of delicious homemade ice cream from this place. I had been there a few times before but it was my friends' first times. The one thing that I made sure to let them know was that it was a cash only place but considering that we had just split a check at sushi, we had singles to spend. I'm not sure if I would say this is the best ice cream I've ever had but I like the idea of being churned by Hans himself - you can see the machine in the back anyhow! Oh yeah so, we had so many choices to look at while we browsed the flavors but I eventually settled down by being greedy and getting a double scoop.


My choices: Rum Raisin and Bordeaux Cherry. My friends each had the Pistachio (with one having Marble Fudge in addition to that) and were slightly disappointed that this place added cherries to their pistachio ice cream. My favorite ice cream flavor ever is actually Black Cherry (which I can only ever truly find through Rite-Aid or Thrifty), so the Bordeaux Cherry pick was close enough. Both ice creams were creamy to the point of almost being too heavy. In fact, we all felt bloated once we had finished our dessert, which we had expected to just be light and conclusive of our dining out. The Rum Raisin did not have a strong rum taste to it but I still enjoyed the ice cream part of it. It looked like they had used golden raisins in this one, which were plentiful and delicious. The Bordeaux Cherry was great. I probably should've had it first because my tongue was almost numb from the cold by the time I got to this scoop (the scoops were quite large and seemed larger due to the creaminess). Nevertheless, the chunks of cherry made it all great and the ice cream portion was very rich in cherry taste. All in all, I think I made some pretty good choices!