Articles & News - Bountiful Urban Honey

Photo from original article, taken by Katie Falkenberg for the Los Angeles Times.

This news article reminded me of a How I Met Your Mother episode involving beekeeping. It can be a lucrative hobby if taken seriously and paid close attention to. Recently, urban beekeepers in Los Angeles have been reaping the rewards of a more-bountiful-than-usual harvest of honey. Yet, did you know that backyard beekeeping is illegal? Shh, don't tell! These farmers are taking good care of their bees and make sure that their products are done right. I mean, with the amount of honey that actually is fake, why wouldn't you want to know that locally grown honey is more readily available now?

Well the bees have been abuzz and keeping busy this year. With some places bring in more than 50% from last year's harvest of the honey, it's curious as to why the conditions have been so ripe for the making. A good rain might be the key. What is neat about the different hives that have been producing abundantly is the variety of tastes between the cities; some enthusiasts can tell if the honey came from Studio City or Bel-Air. The make-up of the honey is dependent on the ingredients collected by the bees, and those flora and fauna vary from city to city. I'd love to give some of these a taste test and see what urban honey is all about. Maybe now I'll have a chance since some tens, up to hundreds, of jars have been able to be produced. Give me some of that extra neighborhood honey!

Reader questions: Do you buy any locally grown urban honey? If you have, what's it taste like? Did you know that a lot of honey is counterfeit? What do you think this abundance will do for demand in the future? Did you know backyard beekeeping was illegal in LA?

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