Articles & News - "Force-Feeding Morality"

We're coming upon it, the enactment of the foie gras ban. Now, I have yet to see protestors myself but the foodie air has been thick with this issue lately. Various restaurants have been hosting their farewell to foie dinners named in a variety of ways including more bellicose names such as "Fight for Foie," a call to foodie arms to repeal the ban. Foie gras has probably been more creatively tackled in the past year than it has in a while. We've seen foie gras "snow," donuts, sushi, you name it.

The practice of gavage is what's technically being banned; the bill's latent enactment was to give time for another method of production to be found. Many protestors are claiming abuse and some are wondering if the government is force-feeding morality upon us. It makes sense to ban food items that threaten the population of species but when it is merely some uninformed propaganda for a product of animals that aren't going extinct anytime soon (and definitely not because of the production of foie gras), is it right to say no? What of humane practices? Check out the interesting article below.

Reader questions: What is your stance on foie gras? What do you think about the ways that people are handling the impending ban? Are you actively participating in this discussion yourself?

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